The Real Tarzan


In this blog post I wanted to talk about a specific person who has been great to the wildlife not only in America but all around the world. Mike Holston, otherwise known as “The Real Tarzan,” is an animal lover and wildlife preservation activist. He started this amazing part of his life in Miami as a zookeeper which most likely was the start of his love for animals.

I first discovered him on instagram after seeing a post of him playing around with a monkey like a child. Holston has dedicated his life to educating the world of the amazing features of different animals. He makes videos of himself playing around with animals such as snakes, lions, monkeys, iguanas, and alligators. He truly is a fearless person just as Tarzan was. In many of his videos, he is seen with his pet monkey. They seem very close and Holston makes it look like man has a new best friend.

Along with his videos of animals, he also gives life advice and talks about how to succeed and how we should treat others. I find him a very inspirational person especially to the animal loving community. He has many interesting videos on his instagram which I think you should check out and he also has a website here:


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