Last Post: The Ocean’s Blunt


This will be my last post so I decided that instead of talking about something depressing like animal abuse, I’d talk about one of the funniest yet fascinating facts I’ve learned about the ocean. A while back, I discovered a video while searching through the deep depths of YouTube. The video was labeled “Dolphins getting high.” Immediately, I clicked on the video because I was very curious what this was even about. I didn’t trust the title at all and expected some kind of joke of a video. Instead, I was met with a real case of dolphins getting high.

As young teen dolphins swim around, if they find a pufferfish, they will chase it around until they can capture it in their mouth. Once they capture it in their mouth, the pufferfish will inflate and also release a toxin which affects dolphins very similarly to the way that marijuana affects humans. When the dolphins feel this toxin, they begin to relax and can even be heard laughing in their own language. This is extremely funny to me and I just wanted to share it as my last post. If you would like to see the video, just search up “Dolphins getting high.”

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