Animal Abuse


A little over a week ago, I talked about how dogs can help humans in their times of need. This blog will be more about how humans mistreat their pets despite their innocence. All across the world, pet animals such as dogs, cats, and birds are abused and shown merciless violence. On Instagram, I recently saw a video of dogs’ legs being cut off while they are still alive and other dogs being tied up and thrown into boiling water. It was extremely graphic and very hard to watch. While these seem very extreme, they are not far off from the normal cases of animal abuse.

If you are a pet lover, do not read past this point. In some cases, there have been cats who are microwaved and cooked internally until they die. Dogs in Indonesia are beaten with a club and left bleeding on the floor to die. Then they are cooked and eaten or traded. Pet owners in the United States have been found guilty of crimes such as cutting pets’ ears and legs off or hanging them with a noose. Others have mass murdered animals. These people include pet shelter owners. Animal abuse happens everywhere and anywhere. Pets and other animals are suffering and they have no voice. This needs to stop now. If you want to help a cause that is based around stopping these horrific actions, visit:

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