Man’s Best Friend


Everyone loves man’s best friend, the dog. Over the past few months, I have seen first hand how a dog can positively affect someone’s life. My friend just recently got a small puppy. Before this, they were suffering with anxiety and were stressed about school and other life problems. Throughout the last few months, I have seen this person warm up as they get closer and closer to their dog. The strong bond between dogs and humans is one that is unbreakable.

This leads me to the topic of service dogs. I don’t think people know exactly how much dogs can help a person. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can be recruited as service dogs for a wide variety of disabilities. These disabilities include anxiety, paralysis, etc. There are approximately 500,000 service dogs helping humans all across America. With no other animal can that number be matched. Knowing this, I hope that everyone develops a newfound respect for their dogs because they are one of the most loving and caring species one earth.

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