Damn it’s HOT


It’s only April but you can really start to feel the heat and humidity. This has started to remind me of global warming. I’m sure everyone has heard the term global warming and how it is affecting our planet. This is caused by all the greenhouse gasses that we emit everyday when we drive our cars, produce electricity from fossil fuels, etc. It is upsetting that we are so heavily reliant on so much planet harming technology.

As we attempt to shift towards a more eco friendly future, everyone needs to be more aware about their fossil fuel usage and see what they can do to save the planet. Scientists estimate that if we continue down the path we are on now, there will be no turning back and global warming will surely kill everything on earth. Taking this into consideration, in the future, think about possibly using electric cars and installing photovoltaic panels. If a majority of the earth’s population did this, we would see global warming take a turn for the better.

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