Shark Finning

Many people nowadays are led to believe that sharks are mean, ugly, predators that are the villains of the ocean. However, this is many times not the case. Today, we see millions of sharks killed by the real villains of the ocean: humans. Each year, approximately 100 million sharks are killed for a certain part of their body, the fin. These fins are popular amongst Asian countries in order to make shark fin soup. Approximately one fin could be valued up to $500 a pound which is the main reason why shark finning is still moderately popular. This is not good in any way. Sharks have very slow growth and reproduction rates which makes shark finning a huge threat towards their species. Some shark populations have decreased by 60-70% due to these hunts.

When the sharks are killed for their fins, the methods are very inhumane. They are first caught in a net and hauled onboard where their fins are then cut off while they are alive by knives, chainsaws, and other various sharp objects. With none of their fins remaining, they are then tossed back overboard in a motionless state. They cannot swim without their fins causing them to die very slowly and in extreme pain. Sharks are not the evil villains that many people think they are. Although there are many shark attacks each year, it is often because people are mistaken as turtles or other prey or that they’re behavior came off as aggressive. Sharks are beautiful creatures who can sometimes be very friendly and intelligent.68468716-FDD1-4D23-87DE-B2F82F005A90

4 thoughts on “Shark Finning

  1. I’ve actually heard of this problem previously and its pretty nuts. I wish they would stop doing this. They know its bad and illegal, so i don’t get why they keep doing it. Hopefully one day this will end.


  2. I thoroughly liked the message of the post. I tend to take an interest in noticing the hypocrisy of the human race. I like how this post shows the fault in humanity’s ways and how they act like the victims. I honestly believe that we should understand the reason for shark attacks and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


  3. Before reading this, I was one of the people who thought of sharks as extremely scary predators. But now, I have a new sense of sympathy for these creatures who aren’t doing anything wrong. I’m glad you are bringing this issue to light and hopefully we can stop shark finning in the futrue.


  4. I knew that sharks were being hunted for their fins, but I had no idea how many were killed. Sharks have always intimidated me, but this post makes me see them in a different light. Thank you for spreading awareness about this topic!


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