Taiji Dolphin Hunt

F6C36473-34BA-4409-A91B-03FE350B7F68Just recently, the Japanese began their annual six month hunting season of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. For six months each year, fisherman turn their attention towards the hunting of dolphins and small whales. They are found out in the ocean in pods and scared into a cove. They are then trapped by a net which stretches from each side of the cove. After this trapping process, dolphins who are big enough are slaughtered for their meat. Keep in mind that dolphins are one of the smartest animals on the planet so when their family is slaughtered, the survivors are most likely traumatized and cannot live without their pod. The water is turned red with blood. The remaining dolphins are either let free or captured alive to be sold.

The Japanese hunters claim that this is for research purposes and also say that if they do not do the dolphin hunt, then their local economy would perish. In their attempt to lighten the criticism from the world on their tragic killings, they state that they only capture a certain amount of dolphins a year. They try to trick the media into believing this by capturing more dolphins and putting them below deck to suffocate. Many of these fisherman have been reported of laughing at these dying dolphins as they flop helplessly below deck. To me, dolphins are one of the most amazing creatures. I have swam with them and also heard stories of miraculous things they have done such as saving humans from sharks. It’s tragic to hear that such a thing is happening in the world to one of the most intelligent and social animals on the planet.


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