Where Do We Get Our Eggs?

Have you ever wondered how humans produce so many eggs for so many different people? When most people buy their white or brown eggs in cartons at the grocery store, they do not think of exactly where it came from. The backstory to this is very sad and shows just how cruel humans can be.

In egg producing warehouses, thousands and thousands of battery cages holding hens are placed on top of each other. They are confined to a small space limiting their movement basically to nothing. When they lay their eggs, their eggs are taken away from them and packaged for shipping. However, when these eggs find a way to hatch, the little baby chicks are killed in a grinder which plucks their feathers and crushes them. Think about the chick emoji being thrown into a bunch of turning gears and killed. Hens also begin to stop laying eggs after two years. After these two years, they are slaughtered and their bodies discarded. Every year, approximately 100 million hens are killed. This is sad and hopefully this process can be refined and be made more humane in the future.05E06379-EBEF-42B3-9248-019276879B4D.jpeg

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