Poaching of Elephants

A very widely known problem is the poaching of elephants in Africa. This has been an ongoing threat which has heavily destroyed the wild elephant population in the safari. Till this day, poachers still hunt down elephants for one very valuable material: ivory. Ivory is what an elephants tusk is made out of. It can sell for up to $1500 each pound and an elephants tusk can grow to about 250 pounds. This means a lot of money for poachers to be supplied with. Many people have tried to do things about the issue of elephants being hunted. In 1989, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild introduced a ban on the trade of ivory. For a short while, it worked and elephant species were recovering but lately it has been wearing off. Poachers are becoming more and more audacious and have found ways through the system such as the black market.

When these elephants are hunted, they are killed in ways very similar to rhinos. They are shot with guns which do not necessarily kill them or tranquilizer darts. After they are brought down in any way possible, they are stripped of their entire front section of their face including their tusks. They are then left alive on many occasions. African elephants are decreasing in numbers very very quickly. From 1979-1987, more than half of the African elephant population was killed for their tusks. If this continues, we are looking at a world without one of the most majestic animals on the planet: the elephant.

2 thoughts on “Poaching of Elephants

  1. This is alarming to me because I didn’t know how exactly these animals were being killed, nor did I know about the rate of which they are dying. It is very sad to see that they are bing left for dead after being stripped of one of their most noteable features.


  2. I feel that this is a real issue in our world, and a very sad one at that. I hope that your blog spreads awareness tho our class that this isn’t just something that is happening faraway tha at we shouldn’t care about, but that we should care because although these animals live far away, they are part of the world we live in and as you said are very “majestic”. Great post!


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